Global Legal Insights – Litigation & Dispute Resolution, 3rd Edition [Download PDF]

  • As Global Legal Insights’ partner for litigation and dispute resolution, Ashtar Ali & Co. provides context, insight and recent developments in Pakistan’s legal field for GLI’s 2014 edition.


International Judicial Conference: A Question of Quo Warranto [Download PDF]

  • This year’s International Judicial Conference aimed to compile policy recommendations from across the legal fraternity to present to the Honourable Chief Justice. A Question of Quo Warranto deals with the separation of powers, the powers of quo warranto, emphasising the less adversarial aspects of judicial review, and advocating for political appointments within the realm of procedure.


The Prosecutor’s Field Guide (2012) [Download PDF]

  • Field Guide was published in 2012 when Mr. Ashtar Ausaf Ali was Advocate General Punjab. It arms the state with the essential ingredients required for conviction, and serves as a ready reckoner for the country’s prosecutors.