Our Expertise

Election Matters

Ashtar Ali & Co. is among the country’s leading practitioners for election matters. The firm has successfully represented a range of public officials in landmark election cases, and is known for navigating through the most contentious electoral disputes.

Our Firm’s reputation for fair, impartial handling of election matters has earned us praise from our clients. When called upon to litigate election matters, we are highly experienced, having handled the most nuanced and high-profile election cases, including election contests.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable in all aspects of municipal elections. We have prepared ballot measures, written measure analysis, advised election officials on code compliance questions, dealt with initiative and recall questions, written campaign finance ordinances, and dealt with an endless number of other questions, from absentee ballots, election signs, and all subjects in between. We have provided election consulting services to various city clerks and other public officials in numerous elections.

Election cases must be brought and defended immediately and assertively since election deadlines give such disputes priority over other matters.  We have had great success litigating multifaceted and high-profile matters over the past years.


  • Voting Rights
  • Calling and holding of special elections
  • Initiative, referenda and recalls
  • Political Reform
  • Contested elections and recounts
  • Ballot arguments and designations
  • Political sign laws
  • Public information campaigns